Carsten Stig Poulsen – Professor, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Advanced Market Research

Areas of Expertise

As an academic as well as a practical researcher my methodological foundation is broad and deep, covering quantitative and qualitative methods, and how to combine them. A holistic approach to the entire research project- from problem formulation to the communication of the final results.

Consulting services

Ever felt the need to have an unbiased consultant when you plan and execute market research projects with an external research firm? Why not team up with an outside expert that can act as a broker between you and the research consulting company. It may very well reduce costs and/or improve quality of research.

In-house courses

I offer courses in quantitative methods based on my experience as a teacher, researcher, and consultant to a number of Danish and foreign companies. Each course will preferably be tailored to the sponsoring company.

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